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Is hot water bad for your face?

Is hot water bad for your face?

Your skin will crave hot water, especially during the winter times. But are you aware of the disadvantages of hot water for your face? This article will tell you about the four reasons why you should not use hot water for your face.

Hot water irritates the skin

The skin of the face is very fragile. It has very fine blood vessels. The skin of the face has many pores than another area of the body. All these will make the skin of the face very vulnerable to extreme temperatures.

Hence, when you wash your face with hot water, your skin will be irritated and cause acne and red blotches. The effect of hot water on sensitive skin is even worse. This person will suffer from a condition called rosaceous.

hot water

Takes away the natural oil of the skin and make it dry

Your face will naturally have some oil content that protects the skin from extreme temperatures. When the natural oils of the skin are reduced, your skin will lose the ability of most extreme temperatures. You should know how much hot water is bad for your face, as it is the worst one.

It will take away the natural oil of the skin and make it dry very fast. When you see your skin dry, you will tend to put on moisturizer.

But as you are not aware of what is happening inside your skin, you would not know the repercussions as well. This will again put you in trouble. Similarly, when the skin becomes dry you will need to apply a lot of moisturizers which will again cause acne and skin infections.

Early aging

The hot water will make the skin very dry. Consequently, aging also becomes quicker. When hot water is continuously used to clean the skin the production of collagen and sebum reduced to a greater extent. This will form lines and other signs of aging on the skin.

Burn your skin

The pores of the skin cannot accept extreme temperatures. This will burn your skin leading to blotching of the skin. After days of use of hot water, it will scald your skin and red patches will be visible.

When the pores of the skin are damaged, dull and dry skin with large pores will be the result. Finally, know the cons of hot water for your face inside out and cater to its needs.