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How makeup affects self-esteem?

How makeup affects self-esteem?

Before getting into the core of the article, let us get a clear understanding of self-esteem. It is how we estimate ourselves and also the value that we give to ourselves.

The question is how much value we give to us and how to measure it? Let us deal with these questions now.

How to measure our self-esteem?

If we are comfortable with our skin tone, the lifestyle we live in, the opinion of others on us, then we do have a good degree of self-esteem. Is everybody of us like this?

It is true that at least at some point in time, we tend to feel down. Our perception, others’ opinions and comments all can have a great degree of influence on our self-esteem.


Makeup and self-esteem

There is a connection between makeup and self-esteem and this is very much distinct when it comes to girls. Women, in general, think that makeup affects self-esteem. When our esteem is disturbed because of our outward experience, generally girls tend to deal with this by the application of makeup.

It is fine and the problem is now sorted. But the craving for looking presentable every time, the thought on other’s thoughts about our looks and the influence of cosmetics on confidence can be dangerous.

What is the right standpoint?

Makeup is not the way and should not be the way to look confident and competent. These are the qualities that lie within a person and not on outward appearance. Makeup must remain as a choice or fun rather than dealing with very high ended thoughts and qualities like competence and confidence.

The so-called imperfections are the unique features of us. There is no need to cover them until it is a mere choice. The idea of the interconnection between makeup and the divine traits of humans is juvenile.