Wear Makeup

Why is make up important to society?

Why is make up important to society?

The present society has redefined the normality of women. The society does not raise any question when women were makeup.

They gave decided that it is an inherent need that a woman requires. Natural skin has no made up. On the contrary, society thinks that it is natural for a female to put on makeup. The women of today have also succumbed to society.

Wearing makeup has become a part of the routine. But don’t you think something unnatural has become a part of natural phenomena?

make up important to societyMakeup seems fine as an expression, as an art, as fun and many other things. It pains when society pinpoints makeup-free women and isolates them and calls them “normal”.

After this view, I was confused with the meaning of the word normal. How can someone be isolated from being normal? This happens in every industry.

All these are the answers to the question, “Is beauty important to society?” And every one of us knows the answer.

What is the need to put on makeup?

It is a way to hide our flaws and highlight the features. It hides imperfections and tries to fit into the standard set by society. It makes us look fresh by pressurizing the cells inside the layers of the skin.

Makeup is used when we want to look confident and competent. It is a way to tell the world that one is not stressed or nervous but happy and chill. But can confidence and competence depend on makeup?

So it has nothing to do with the actual work but I way of telling the world that one is fine, confident and competent.

The compliments are one can receive by using makeup can build confidence. One can feel happy even after knowing that deep under one is not.

We can conclude with a question, «Is makeup important to society or us? The answer would be, “Yes, makeup is important for us as the society expects us to be as it likes”

The history of make up

Egyptians were the first to use makeup. Reports tell that they used some weird things to make them look good. On the contrary, cultural makeup definition always stressed health.

In most civilizations, to be beautiful was to be healthy. The practices stressed and the habits followed were always about being hygiene and healthy.